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B R E A T H    R I G H T    &    E V E R Y T H I N G    C L I Q S

Beauty is an inside job isn't just a cleche, it's truth. Sheel Seidler is the foremost guru on Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini raises your vibration faster than you can reach for that 3:00 pm diet coke! Get out of self-sabatoge and learn the fast technology and wisdom behind this ancient art. We're in love with @kundalini_with_sheel and you will be too!


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CLIQ WITH Windsor Dalton

We sat down with @windsordalton the photographer, digital content and stylist extraordinaire & asked him 15 questions about what to wear, how to look your best, and being an influencer.


Aussie Bronze Ambush

Valets, surfers, waiters and construction one is safe from this bronze brigade. Watch what happens when we ambush innocent bystanders and tell them they need an Aussie tan-whether they want one or not.


See what happens when we crash the party of 14 influencers in a mansion in Park City. Its not like we are going to pass up a road trip, candy bar, snow, 14 inspiring babes and a drone. At least we brought presents. 


bts is the new scene

We know, we know. We could be a little more professional at times, but you can't say we aren't having fun. Tune in for the real behind the scenes action, major mishaps and slip ups and why whiskey was banned on set. 


What interview questions do you ask when you're trying to be professional but you're in robes on a leather couch with one of your best friends? Stay tuned for the answer to that, why crying in your car is part of business and why people who wear flannel cat pajamas aren't invited to our sleepovers. @maisondusoir we love you big time!


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